Directors and Management

Sean Prescott

Founder and Director

Sean Prescott is the founder and creator of Scope Carbon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mr. Prescott has been developing the IP from 2016 –to the present date. Mr. Prescott has an extensive history of developing technology from artificial intelligence IT, to developing cross-platform trading systems, over real-time end-to-end communication encryption frameworks and to high-performance/high-security order routing systems based near Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. Prescott is the founder and executive chairman of and has over two decades of experience in the enterprise information technology & banking industry. Sean has established a wide range of complex project knowledge as a contractor, consultant, program manager, developer, and security analyst.

James Liang

CEO and Director

Mr. Liang has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, obtained a Financial Risk Manager Certification from the Global Association of Risk Associates (GARP), and completed two levels of the CFA exams. Mr. Liang currently works for New Margin Ventures, which is a venture capital firm based in Hangzhou, China, and evaluates several technology companies for the purpose of New Margin providing financing. Mr. Liang’s experience allows Scope Carbon to leverage his vast knowledge of the Asian markets, from additional development of the technology, sourcing competitive labor and unlocking new markets to pursue business growth. Mr. Liang is currently enrolled at Harvard University and is pursuing a degree in various fields of ESG.

Mike Zenko

COO, Director

Mike Zenko is a senior lumber entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the forestry industry. His 20 years of experience expands internationally with clients in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Mr. Zenko has as observed a growing need for environmental solutions across the globe. He intends to use Scopes AI to provide clean carbon solutions for the forestry industry as global regulations push closer to the net zero emissions by 2050. For the past five years Mr. Zenko is the General Manager for Boscus Canada for the Western Region. His primary focus is dealing with all mills throughout Canada and servicing the retail and home builders in North America.

Alan Tam

CFO and Director

Alan Tam is a senior executive involved with structuring, planning and execution of IPOs, RTOs and CPCs. Mr. Tam, with over 20 years of experience, has been involved in financing, operations, corporate services, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations for multiple public companies in the past 8 years. Mr. Tam is a CPA/CA and has worked with biotechnology, technology, start-up alternative energy and other corporations dealing with tax, regulatory, investment management, international cash and tax management, compliance and accounting matters.

Darien Lattanzi


Darien Lattanzi is a seasoned business associate who has worked in the junior venture markets in various industries: exploration, mining, crypto, cannabis, and technology for over 6 years. Darien has completed his Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and is currently enrolled in the Partners, Directors and Senior Officers (PDO) course presented by the Canadian Securities institute (CSI). Darien’s primary focus is dealing with financial institutions, corporate filings, corporate governance and corporate development and investor relations. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and always brings a consciousness, positive attitude to the workplace. He is intent in pursing a career in the securities industry.